HDSA presents

FastTrack 2016 Grand Prix

We here at the FastTrackPGH family are happy to announce the start of a new event to help raise awareness for Huntington’s disease. Welcome to the 2nd FastTrackPGH Grand Prix. A four  “virtual race” held by the wonderful folks at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. The race will be held at the freshly paved Wilson Circuit, a magnificent .83 mile, 13 turn track. You’ll be piloting the newly refreshed 9.5hp Karts provided by Pitt Race.

Here’s how it works:

  • Between the dates of September 16th and October 16th
  • Start here by signing up and donating $25 or more to enter the race.
    (I'll have a pay pal login for you tomorrow)
  • Go to Pitt Race, pay for as many sessions ($22.50/ea) as you would like. You will be supplied with a helmet, gloves, and racing jacket.
    Mon-Fri 12-8pm Sat-Sun 12-8pm **Always call ahead (724) 535-1000**
    You must be at least 5 foot tall and 13 years old
  • Lay down your fastest lap time.
  • Keep your eyes peeled here and our Facebook page for the results.
    results   facebook

On Sunday, October 16th we will be holding a race of the fastest 15 people in a reverse grid, meaning that the fastest guys will have to fight their ways forward, while those in the front can play defensive to keep their spots! 

The top three drivers will win:

  • 1st GoPro
  • 2nd 24in VIZIO Smart LED TV
  • 3rd Gift Certificates for Pitt Race 
  • Door prizes will be available at Pitt Race on the 26th.



Thank you for your support

 email: morgan123477@gmail.com